Realm Royale Hack

10 months after the tremendous success of Battle Royale mode in the video game industry, a new game called Realm Royale was released by Hi-Rez Studios (creator of Smite, Paladins,etc..) for PC’s players the 5th June 2018. Without any surprise, this game has gathered up to 1 million people in less than 1 months just in the early access phase. If you already love to play games like PUBG or even Fortnite, you will probably like a lot Realm Royale which is a fanciful Battle Royale. Obviouly, this game is a 100% free to play with only few features that you can buy in-game bringing you a cosmetics bonus for your character or your mount to stand out from other players. To buy these cosmetics you will need to get some “crowns” first, there are actually the currency of the game and there are fews ways to obtain them. Here on Hardplex, we want to explain to you the best way to get free crowns using Realm Royale hack. You will find out that it’s not so hard to do, and after this article you will be able to buy everything you want on Realm Royale store!

Realm Royale Hack

Realm Royale Hack: How to use the crowns generator

Getting free crown has never been so easy with this new Realm Royale hack, you basically only have to enter your Realm Royale account username to the generator and choose the amount of crowns you would like. In less than 10 minutes, you will see all the crowns comming in your Realm Royale account. Read carrefully this little tutorial to learn how to use the crown generator to hack Realm Royale.

  1. Go to the Realm Royale Crown generator page. (You can find the button below)
  2. To begin, you need to enter your in-game username (or email adress) and select the device you are playing with.
  3. Click on “Connect” to syncronize the generator with your account. After a minute of loading, you should see if you are successfully connected to your account. Once you got the confirmation message, you can go to the next step.
  4. Select how many crown you would like to have for you Realm Royale account.
  5. Click on generate and wait few minutes for the software generating everything on your account.
  6. Finalize the process by confirming that you’re a human. After the verification, the software would start adding resources instantly in Realm Royale.

Crowns Generator


After all these steps are achieve, you just have to return on Realm Royale and see Crowns flowing! Now you are good to buy every items you want in the Realm Royale store.

Realm Royale Crowns

How the Realm Royale Crown Hack is working?

This is the first time ever that a hack has been found on the game. The software is available online via every plateforms possible including mobiles (iOS/Android) so that PC (Windows/MAC). This generator is compatible for every version of Realm Royale (for now Window/Mac only but a PS4/xBox version is coming soon, as soon as the game will be also available on these platforms). So everybody is able to use this Realm Royale hack for fun purpose and buy what they want on the store.

Furthermore, this hack is absolutely safe to use for 2 main reasons: it uses encrypted data and you can access it online. It means that you will never be asked to write your Realm Royale account password nowhere, only your username is required to hack Realm Royale. Also, the crown generator is accessible on the internet, everything is working online so you won’t have to download the software on your computer or phone to use it. This can sound weird but it limits a lot the possibility of scammer or hacker to make you download an infected software.

Is this hack safe to use?

All these features assure you that this Realm Royale Hack is really safe to use for any user. It’s obviously 100% free to use, anybody all arround the world might make this hack easily by using our online generator. It can brings you up to 90k Crowns for free, instead of paying hundred of dollar in the game. If you are a Realm Royale lover, getting a skin is something essential to show your interest of the game to other players.

Anyway, you don’t have to use this hack if you don’t feel it’s fair for the game. It’s only for those who can’t afford or don’t want to pay real money on a game. But if you really liked the game and if you have some dollars to spend, we higly recommend you to use the official store inside the game to buy your Crowns. This will help developer team of Realm Royale to upgrade so many game features.

About Realm Royale game

Realm Royale is a very young game and it’s hard to predict how it will go in future. The huge exaltation of players for the battle royale mode this year has allowed to many game to see the day, but today we can’t know if this was just an effect of mode or if it will last for long again. Anyway, we think that Realm Royale has still a great future waiting for it. Being released only 1 month ago and with already more than 1 million of players just on computer plateform, we can imagine that he will continue this evolution thought the months.

In another time, lots of people criticize this game as he seems to be a kind of copy of Fortnite Battle Royale (read our article) which has know a terrible success this years! Indeed, we may wonder what originality there is on a game that copy the same concept as a successful game, but there are actually some things you won’t find anywhere. The gameplay and the differents competences to use make it unique and very fun to play, and also we can see some famous Fortnite streamers which are playing to this game, so we can imagine that they will influence other players to play Realm Royale.

As it makes only 1 month that the game has been released a lot of things will change during the next months. For instance, we learn just 1 day ago that Hi-Rez Studios has planned to released Realm Royale on Xbox and PlayStation 4 in the future (the project will start the next week according to . So, if we follow the trends of the years and the instance of other game like Fortnite, Realm Royale has all these chances to be a very famous game in the following months.

Free Crowns


To conclude with this article, we can say that Realm Royale is a very promising game that will probably be very popular in the future. As the Battle Royale mode is very famous these times, and if a lot of Gaming Youtubers and Streamers keep playing this game, Realm Royale will knows a huge success. The first successfull Realm Royale tournament with 100 000$ of cashprize is also very encouraging as a lot of gaming influencers participated in, that will probably affect other people playing Battle Royale as Fortnite. This is so the best moment to try to earn your Crowns and so you can start to get some crazy skins to look like a god in-game.



Written by hardplex