Realm Royale tutorial Royale Crown

Battle Royale mode are very popular these times, especially thanks to game like PUBG and H1Z1 which are the first BR game to regroup a lot of players. In an other time, Fortnite which have develop his battle royale mode which has make explode the amount of people playing at Battle Royale
in september 2017. So it’s not a surprise to see noawaday plenty of BR games trying to attract the most of players possible with differents concept or gameplay. Realm Royale is one of those, released just a month ago with already a huge amount of players, is getting more and more famous.

Getting a Royale Crown is something indispensable for every players who take this game seriously and it’s not so hard to get if you try in the
right way. In first, as every Battle Royale you will need to master a bit the gameplay of the game to be able to get a Royale Crown. So play a bit at the game to pratice and when you are ok with all features you can expect to make RC (royale crown), few game (5-10) are gonna be enough. When you fully understood how to use forges to make armor and weapon, and how to use shard, potion ect.. you will start having a lot of fun! Especially if you already are good to another Battle Royale like PUBG,H1Z1,Fortnite… it will be very easily for you to be a master on Realm Royale.

Our best advice to make a Top 1 is to know the map well. Once you have crafted your weapons and armors, you have to hide yourself a bit, and play very sneaky to survive to most of players. When there are like 10 players still alive, you can start playing aggresive and try to kill them all. If you did this technique well, you will be full-life with good weapon so this will be easy to kill other players.

Realm Royale Guide to get royale crown

What place does this game have among the others?

With Realm Royale, Hi-Rez studios amazed once again the popularity of the Battle Royale mode. With the rework of their most famous game Paladin adapted in a brand new BR. One month after the release of the game, it was already one million of players that was impressed and the game continues to grow. Furthermore, there are more and more big streamer that are playing to it, making it knowed by a lot of other Battle Royale players.

The thing that can slow down his development at the moment is that the game is only available throught the plateform Steam, which meant that only
computer’s players are able to play it now. But a recent news form Hi-Rez studios inform us that they are actually working to make their game available on other platforms like Ps4,Xbox etc…

Also, we have noticed that since few days, there are some hack and cheats appearing on Realm Royale. Indeed, we watch some videos, read some tutorials (and tried them) that were giving to players a lot of possiblities, as getting unlimited Crowns on their account (to buy all cosmetics from the store) or even boost their gameplay etc… We of course do not promote hacks and cheats and don’t advise players to use them, as we don’t know if they are official and if Hi-Rez studios allows them in their game.

To get more informations about it, we suggest you to read our Realm Royale hack article.

So all these points show us a great development for the game, we can think than in a year, Realm Royale will have a big place among the Battle Royale games, with fews millions of people that will play it daily.

Written by hardplex