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Grow Castle Guide

You have recently discover this game and now you are addict to Grow Castle? Don’t worry, we are here to guide you along your travel on this game. When you start on Grow Castle, you must defend your castle from differents battles with many features to help you destroye your ennemies. By playing and defeating all monsters during a battle, you will be rewarded by some gold, that you wil need to use to train your troops to defend the castle more efficently. Everything is well explained in this Castle Grow guide!

Keep reading below to learn you to play Grow Castle like a god!

How to make a good start in Grow Castle?

Starting in this application isn’t hard at all. At the begining, the game is higly simplified as every features are unlocking little by little during the first levels. So when you start, you will want to win some battle at first to earn some gold, crystal and then improve the defense of your Castle. When fighting monsters during a battle, you will also earn some xp. This xp will level up your general level, giving you 1 Skill Point (SP) and unlocking more defense troops.

How to upgrade your Castle?

At low level, you want to build a strong defense base for your castle. Indeed, every battle you defeat will give to place to a stronger wave. So you will have to upgrade your Castle on the most you can by spending your gold everytime you can to boost your troops.

Castle Grow Upgrade

In the picture above, you can see the 2 principal features you have to up at first levels. By upgrading your Castle you are going to get a new play for a new defense unit. So more levels you have, more units you can get to defend the Castle. By clicking on “Upgrade Archer” you will simply add an archer to defend your Castle. There is no number limit for your troops so you can get as much of archers you want, only the price to add one will increase. You can combine this strategy using your Skill Points to increase attack speed of the archers to get a better defense.


How to spend your Skill Points?

Every time you level up you will receive a Skill Points. There are 9 skills you can improve with these points:

Skill Points Grow Castle

When you begin the game, you should first up your Gold & your XP bonus. Every level will give you +2.5% bonus of what you choose, so leveling gold and xp is naturally the best way to start out. We also tried a new strategy that works fine, we only upgraded our archers attack speed, result was very efficiently. You will defeat every battle easily because you’re archer will destroye everything with their speed.

How to win every Battle?

To win a battle isn’t that hard at first levels. Just do some battles at first to understand how this game is working and to know what’s good or not.

How to win a Battle

That’s the interface when you start a Battle! On the bottom-left, you can click on the button to increase the speed of the game by 2, that will save you some time in early levels. For hard battle, we suggest you to stay on the basic attack speed to have the time using your specials attack to defeat monsters. You can add specials soldiers on the top of your Castle. They will defend it, and each soldiers have a special attack that will hit a lot your ennemies. Just do some game, the gameplay if pretty easy to understand and really fun!

How to earn gold fast?

Getting gold is crucial for your development and you have to understand the way to earn them if you want to be able to upgrade every features faster.

For a detailed guide about the diverses way to earn gold check out our grow castle gold tips.

How to use crystal effectively to be stronger?

For each Battle you win, you will also be rewarded by a crystal. With these crystals you can buy many things to make the game easier.

how to use crystals

The most common use of the crystals is before you do a battle.  You will see a windows opening that ask you if you want to pay 7 crystals to skip the 5 next waves if you win this battle. It can be very usefull at low levels if you want to save some time. There are many more use of the crystals but we will talk about this in an other article.

We hope that you liked this Grow Castle guide and find it some utility. Finally, we can say that Castle Grow is an great mobile game which can look simple at the first look but which contain a lot of intersting features and this game isn’t the simple to play once you complete the first 50 levels.

Written by hardplex