Grow Castle Kill Dragon earn gold

The ultimate guide to earn Grow Castle gold

In Castle Grow, the main factor you need to upgrade anything is gold. Getting gold coins isn’t that hard as pretty much everything will reward you by some gold. So basically, if you want to develop faster, you will want to collect more gold. Keep reading this article to learn how to get more Grow Castle gold in 8 steps!

1- Farming gold through Battle

The first and the most efficiently method when you begin the game. During a battle, you will earn some gold for each monster you kill, the amount depending on the level of monters.

Castle Grow Gold Through Battle

This way will give you a lot of gold for sure. I’m personally at the wave 227 and I earn about 30k gold coins per waves. This method will always be profitable because each wave you defeat will unlock the next wave level which will be harder and so give you more gold when you fight. Don’t forget to spend you gold throughout your progress in Grow Castle.

2- Watch Ads to earn gold

Randomly during you play,you will be able to watch a short advertisement that will reward you by a good amount of gold. You know when you can do it if you see this button in game:

Grow Castle Ads to earn gold

This is the most profitable method I know so far and at my level I earn about 150k Gold for just watching a 30 sec video advertisement. So just don’t be lazy do to it everytime you can that will bring you hugh gold amount in long term!

3- Level up your Gold Bonus skill

Every level you get will give you a skill point that you can spend to upgrade a number of differents skills. I really advice you to start spending these points on the Bonus Gold Skill when you begin, that will help you a lot to have decent level for your units.

Grow Castle Level Up Gold Bonus Skill


You can upgrade any skills until the level 20 which is the max level. Once you have reached the maximum Gold Bonus level, this will give you + 50% of gold during any fight.

4- Do the infite wave to afk farm gold

An other way to earn good amount of gold in a short time is by doing the Infinite wave! This wave as it self-mentioned is an infinite wave, which mean it never ends and stronger monsters will come over and over after you kill them. In this way you can do this to kill a lot of monters and recolt many gold.

Do the infite wave to afk farm gold

Doing this until the wave defeat you will give you many gold. Personally at my level I go until 800k+ points and earn arround 150k gold per infinite wave, so in a short time. You can repeat this process over and over to make profitable gold earning.

5- Kill the best Dragon you can

Once your Castle reach a certain level, you will unlock Dragon cavern and so you will be able to fight them. There are very strong monster so don’t expect to kill all of them fast. For instance, the green Dragon will give you arround 40k gold each time you kill it and reward you with an item.

Grow Castle Kill Dragon earn gold

Again I advise you to repeat this method again and again to earn your gold very fastly. This can be an insane method when you are strong, because you will be able to kill the dragons very quickly.

6- Recruit worker at town to earn gold

Don’t forget to go in your town and buy some usefull buildings. You will so be able to recruit some worker that will mine gold for you.

Grow Castle worker at town to gold

More workers you have, more gold you earn! That’s simple, but to get a worker have a cost and you can only recruit one if you have a rare item that can be dropper by any Boss. Just think about it to get some usefull passive gold earning.

7- Conquer Towns around you

You can aslo open the map to see other Castle to defeat. When you win a fight against a Town, you will conquer it and so it will gives you some passive gold earning again.

Castle Grow Conquer Towns To Earn Gold

You also can upgrade any town you own for some gold. More level your towns are more gold per hour they will give you. So don’t forget to conquire some terriories arround you to get passive earning. This is a good combo with the previous method and will provide you decent Gold amount per hour.

8- Sell rares items you don’t need

During the game, the differents objectives will reward you with some items. These items can be equiped by your units to improve their attack stats. Some items give bonus that you don’t necessarily want or need, so I would suggest you to sell them. Some items worth 500k or more Gold, so just look out at your items and see if you want sell some.

Grow Castle Sell items


So now you know every best profitable method I’ve found on Grow Castle to earn great amount of Gold. So you know what to do now, just focus the time you play on doing the differents method I have explained. If you particulary like one method you can focus on it and do it multiple time to farm gold coins. Keep in mind that in Castle Grow gold are the only way to grow and defend your town. The amount of gold you earn increase a lot during the level you up in the game. To get specify help you should go on the grow castle reddit, there are a lot of active players that will answer all your questions!

Have fun on the game and enjoy your gold!

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Written by hardplex