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Perhaps you have heard about this new game Golf Clash released ealier this year? If you don’t, you have miss one of the funniest mobile game of this year.  This game consist to affront a random players through the game for a golf battle. Winner gain some coins to buy custom stuff on the game store and some points to is account. The gameplay is simple and it make the game easy and very fun. But, like most of big and cool games, if you want to use the best stuff and evovle fast, you will need to spend a lof of real money to buy gems in-game. Now with hardplex this time is over! Keep reading this article to learn the best Golf Clash Cheats to use.

What is this new game?

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Golf Clash is the new multiplayers mobile game of the moment, gaining new players every day and getting more and more popular. Indeed, this game have an average of 30k of new install per day which place it at #55 position on the Top Free Games according to In this game, the main thing you want to do if Battle to fight someone. This will help you to gain some chest to get bonus and to earn some coins. Coins are very usefull especially if you want to upgrade your club with the right amount of “cards”. The better club you have the better control you have and the ball on it make the game easier. You can aslo buy gems in-game and use them for many things. With gems you can buy balls pack and other kind of bonus.

How to use the Golf Clash Cheats generator?

Cheating in this game will allow you to get a considerable advantage to your openents. You will dominate in every battle, and you score and coins will pump out.

You can access the generator here

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What are the Golf Clash Cheats features?

  • Working online: server are open 24/24h so you can use anytime you want.
  • Free service: using the golf clash cheats generator is 100% free to use and will always be.
  • 100% secure: all the data are encrypted so you are fully anonymous when using the golf clash cheats.
  • Gems and coins cheats are now available: you can use the cheat to generate gems & coins.
  • No spam: server is now using appcaptcha to avoid server overload.
  • Super fast: server have now been updated and are working faster now.

Benefits of getting free gems and coins

As too many mobile games, people who are ready to spend hundred of dollar in the game will be the best players of the game. This is due to the fact that gems allows you to buy some balls pack which provide you a great advantage. Using these balls, your next games will be easiest for you as the ball you use is more stable and a way better than a regular ball. Gems are also used to open chests you earn by wining a battle, it’s actually really close to the Clash Royale reward system. There are differents kind of chests which offer differents some coins and club cards. You can use both club cards and coins to upgrade your club to get more precision in your games.

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Coins are essential in Gofl Clash if you want to progress. Indeed, for every mat
ch you win you earn some gold and a chest. Chests reward you also with some coins plus some kind of cards that you need to use to upgrade your clubs. With both cards and coins you have to strategically choose what is the best club to upgrade for you to reduce cost of coins and cards. Always try to use the most advanced club of golf you can to be sure to have an advantage on your opponents.

Our opinion about the Golf Clash cheats

To conclude this article, we want to tell you what we think of Golf Clash Cheats. Firstly, we don’t really like using hacks on mobile game as it’s sometime unfair to some players or it can ruins the game. But in this case, using a cheat for Golf Clash is the greatest way I know if you don’t want to stay suck for weeks at the same level. Due to this, we higly recommend you to use this generator to help you earning resources on Golf Clash.

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Written by hardplex