The Abyss gaming platform

Today we want to talk about an interesting platfrom that will revolve the world of gaming in the next years, which is so a good news for every gamers! The project based on ethereum technology and very promosing is still in launch and recently the Tokens Sale phase has started. This will result with a new gaming platform that will allow users to get rewareded by differents ways which could be a great oppurtunity for you to earn money by playing games. A lot of differents kind of applications (mostly in games industry) using Ethereum technology are being developed these times (I.E: cryptokitties, Aethia, The Abyss). If they don’t already have proven themself like CryptoKitties did, there are very promising and we predict a great futur for them.


Quick presentation of The Abyss project

So The Abyss will be a platform that look like Steam, GOG Galaxy, Kongregate… But with a lot of more features that will assure a heathly futur for gamers and developers by using a complex internal system to make the platform live.

The picture below resume how The Abyss is working.

gaming platform

This will give the opportunity at the gamers to be rewarded by many ways and even make extra income just by playing their games. The platform will hold some cryptogames allowing for rewards and has a very interesting “5-level referrals program” that allow to gamers and developers to make extra income. Also, there are tons of cool features that you will find nowhere else than The Abyss plateform.

How to earn money playing your games?

Firstly, The Abyss will be a really good way for you to get started with Ethereum applications as the entire platform is based on it, and more specifically with the blockchain technology that is revolving our environment in various aspects. For instance, have you heard about games like cryptokitties? This cryptogame has currently some Kitties worth more than 200 ETH ($100K+)!

Anyway, to get back to The Abyss platform, we will have various ways to earn money for both gamers and developpers. If you are a gamer, there is a great affiliate program that will allow you to get 1% to 4% commissions on any actions from your referrals. It means for example: if you have invited a friend on The Abyss and your friend wants to buy an items for one of the game he play on the platform, you will earn 4% of what he pays for its items. And the great thing about this referral program is that you will also earn extra money from referrals of your referrals and this until 5 levels referrals hence the “5-level referrals program”.

So if you are a gamer and you have many friends that are gamers too, this can be a great opportunity for you to talk them about this project!

What about right now?

Right now, the plateform is just opening and people are starting to register on it. It will be soon possible to start playing your game throught the Abyss, but now it’s the Token Sale periode. Token will be the currency of the platform you can easily trade for ETH and that you will need for any transactions inside the platform.

We higly suggest you to register on it right now on and start to get familiar with this new revolutionary platform! Also visit the homepage of the Abyss, the full project is explain there!

Written by hardplex