Amazon Prime Video Wtach Movie online

We are in 2018 and these days the time of old TV shows programs is over, this is the time for video on demand by now. What people want today is to choose at demand what to watch whenever they want it. So it’s not a surprise to see all streaming platforms increasing their number of subscribers, people prefere an app than TV channels to choose the best program which match what they want to watch at the moment. That’s why Amazon Prime Video is a perfect choice which has all the qualities of a perfect streaming movies platform that will satisfied you entierly if you was searching a way to watch films online.

Amazon Prime Video: Cheap Way to Watch Movies Online

You have probably already heard of Netflix, or even Hulu if you’re getting interested to get a streaming platform membership. Prime Video is a great alternative to those apps which are quite expensive: Netflix is up 14$ monthly for the best plan, Hulu is about 40$ when Amazon Prime Video have only one plan which cost $8.99 monthly. So, this is the most profitable way to watch films online for everyone that could be watched from a large choice of devices.

Try Amazon Video (free Trial: the first month is free!)

Indeed, once you got your Amazon Video subscription activated you have multiple choice to watch your films. You can ethier watch them online from your computer fix or a laptop, but you can also use the Amazon Video application inside your television, your iOS/Android mobile devices, Game consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Wii) and more!

Get the best TV shows thanks to Amazon Video

In addition to being pretty cheap, the Amazon streaming platform is offering you a wide range of programs that should really satisfy you. On this platform you will find the majority of most pupolar movies of the moment, also a lot of Classics movies. There is a feature called “Prime Originals” which is a bit similar to the “Original Netflix” regrouping amazing shows that are higly recommended to watch if you want to see something original. A big amount of Originals Amazon Prime series are also available including even a special kids section to please the whole family.

And of course, for all TV shows lovers there are a lot of TV Channels available for free through Amazon Prime Video. In addition to video on demand, you will be able to watch any programs from best knows US Channel like HBO, PBS, SHOWTIME and over 150 more. To go even further you can expand your available programs list by buying Roku streaming players on Amazon which will give you access to 500,000+ movies and TV episodes from 5,000+ streaming channels.

Amazon Prime: Plenty of Crazy Services in Just One Subscription!

We know that digital marketing is increasing¬†and a lot more service is coming online. With Amazon there is a feature to access multiple services that are essential nowadays included in one called Amazon Prime. Perhaps you have heard of this before but when you see the cost of the subscription it’s in fact really interesting. Indeed, Prime is only $12.99 monthly and $6.49 for Prime Student which is in both cases a really cheap price as you can now benefit of a dozen of services for free. These services are very diversified and will be higly helpfull for any people who spend some time on internet.

Amazon Prime services include:

  • Prime Delivery (Unlimited FREE Two-Day shipping on Amazon)
  • Prime Video
  • Prime Music
  • Twitch Prime
  • Audible Channels
  • and a lot of more features… for only $6.49-$12.99 per month!


To end with this article, we want to say that Amazon give you a great opportunity to access mutliple qualified services that are satisfying aleady millions of people all arround the world. Specifically if you are looking for a great reliable and cheap streaming Amazon Video will offer you this ease. This is in that way a very good alternative, because no, you don’t necessarily need Netflix to watch movies online. In a other hand you have mutliple choice of service that you may be interested in especially if your are someone who like to surf the web, as Amazon is today an unavoidable platform.


You can also get access to all your series and movies for free by claiming a netflix account on the french website compte netflix gratuit

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